Best Affiliate Opportunity Ever and It Is Not Even Close

June 11, 2024 United States, Ohio, North Georgetown 4


This 2-tier Affiliate Program is unlike any other,
and it's not even close. Americans are feeling the pinch with increased credit card balances, higher gas prices, grocery costs, energy bills, rent or property taxes, and more.

This program brings amazing news and offers a mammoth financial opportunity. However, you need to act quickly, as this opportunity is available for only one year, and the door will close thereafter. There is no selling involved; you need to submit leads only. Business owners are offered a free consultation with a CPA or Tax Attorney.

The ERC money has undergone amended changes,
and now almost everyone can qualify for it. There are no bigger easy commissions out there.

Here's how it works: If the lead successfully registers, let's assume they have 30 employees, and the business gets back an average of $17,000 per employee. In that case, the business would receive $510,000. After they receive their money, they pay 20% of what they received, as per the terms, which amounts to over $100,000. As an affiliate, you would receive 25% of what ERC1099 receives, resulting in $25,000+ for you.

Moreover, there is a 2nd tier of 10% as overrides on what your child affiliates do. There are only 2 payout levels, and you do not have to have submitted leads to qualify for earned overrides on your 2nd tier/child affiliates for To get started, scroll to the bottom footer, click on affiliates, and register for free.

The affiliate page offers several 2-minute videos
to keep things simple and help you recruit other 2nd-tier affiliates. You'll also get access to a dashboard, video tutorials, updates, and more. Don't wait; act now and take charge of your life. Make it happen!

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